Human Skull, Other Skeletal Remains Found at Folsom Lake

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Folsom lake is drying up and drought stricken, and it has many curious people flocking there to explore it's changing landscape.

"He's like 'Hey, Greg, I found bones!' And I'm like yeah, 'Sure you did!'" Pearson said. "Then I walked over there and there actually was bones, and I knew it was human right away."

He snapped a photo and texted it to his mom Veronica.

"Started getting shaky and I decided I was gonna go down there for myself and take a look," said Veronica Pearson.

She took more pictures and called 911.  In all, the mother and son spotted a skull, leg bones, part of a spine, plus an older model cell phone covered in moss and a "price club" card with the name Ted on it.

"I'm wondering who this person is — how old, family, children... what happened?" said Pearson.

Those are questions the El Dorado County Sheriff's Department is also looking into. Investigators believe the bones have been there for at least a decade.

"The mysteries are all out there and I believe there's still more to come," said Sharon Blair.

In this case the dropping lake levels may provide some closure for the family of whoever the bones belonged to.

Experts will be analyzing the skeletal remains.  It could take months to determine an identity.​

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