Local Secuirty Experts Weigh in on France Attack

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Local security experts weigh in on how terrorists coordinated such a complicated attack in France on Friday and how police coordinated such a complicated response.

"With the amount of logistics and operations and just operational security required to keep that under wraps, I think this was a well funded, well organized, long planned attack," security consultant Hector Alvarez said.

Alvarez is a former cop turned security consultant who followed the France terror attack closely on social media. He said it was a game changer for international security.
"I think this is gonna be France's 9/11. France hasn't closed its borders since the second world war. This is unprecedented. It's gonna be a change," Alvarez said.

As the details change and the facts of what unfolded are finally confirmed, former Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinness said the pressure was on for law enforcement officials in France.

"It's a live performance on an international stage and it's a pretty incredible caliber of stress for the people responsible for handling it," McGinness said.

McGinnis said the hostage situation inside the concert hall was especially troubling for first responders walking into the line of fire to save hostages.

"Their faith was entirely in the hands of people who were homicidal maniacs so the need to develop and implement a plan with an abundance of courage to mitigate that was very real," McGinness said.

He said the only thing that mitigated the danger of such a widespread terrorist attack was the training of the brave men and women responding to it.

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