Sac State Student Studying Abroad Recounts Paris Attack

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Fox 40's Rina Nakano spoke via Skype to one of two Sacramento State University students living in Paris.

Michael Johnson is a 3rd year Sacramento State French major.

He has been in Paris since fall, 2015.

Friday night, he was cooking dinner in his apartment when his sister from the States called, frantically asking him if he was OK.

He turned on the news to find Paris was under attack.

"I've grown up in the Post 9-11 world, but I was really young when 9-11 happened. So I didn't really realize the effect of it, but living here and experience this last night, I can sympathize what happened here in out country," Johnson told Fox 40 via Skype.

Johnson is one of four Sacramento State Students studying in France -- one of two language exchange students living in Paris.

Sacramento State University French Professor Kevin Elstob immediately began searching for his students.

"As a teacher, giving advice to students about what they should be doing with their studies, their life, you're saying this is a great thing for you to do, but there is always a fear in the back of your mind, something bad could happen," Elstob said.

Hours later, he found that all four CSUS students were safe, but after more than 120 people were murdered by terrorists, Johnson said the "City if Light" has turned dim.

"I have a beautiful view from my apartment of the Eiffel Tower. Every night, I watch it light up and sparkle. And tonight, it's off. And just that one image is telling of how this city is feeling right now," Johnson said.

Cal State University Staff in Europe are advising students to stay home.

But Johnson said he will continue to update his blog and spread solidarity to the world.

"I can't go anywhere, or do anything, but I can definitely monitor from social media, and from my balcony," Johnson said. "Islamic faith is one of peace and unfortunately there is one group who has gone off the deep end, and I really hope the Muslim community all around the world is not victimized from this one event."

Johnson said he is not Muslim but has has already seen his Muslim friends be victims of discrimination. He hopes Paris will stay strong and move forward from this tragedy. Johnson's study abroad program continues until June, 2016.