Parents, Neighbors At Odds Over Roseville School Parking

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Some parents at a Roseville elementary school describe the parking situation as a nightmare.

"If you want to pick up your kids and get somewhere, you have to walk," one parent jokingly said Tuesday.

Woodbridge Elementary School in Roseville was built in 1930, and it's the only school in Roseville with no parking lot, and not future plans to build a parking lot.

Up until this year, parents could park their cars in surrounding neighborhoods around the school until a few months ago, when residents like Seth Linkhart complained to the City of Roseville.

"It's kind of a bad situation, I've almost gotten in to fist fights with people in front of my house," Linkhart, who lives just steps away from Woodbridge and the Placer County Fairgrounds, told FOX40. "I basically just need access to my home when I need it. It comes down to a point of conflict for me and other people."

Linkhart adds that drivers attending events at the Placer County Fairgrounds have also caused residents headaches.

After multiple meetings with residents and parents, the city council voted last week to require 24-hour-a-day parking pass permits on the streets surrounding Woodbridge Elementary School.

"We are working with families to get them to understand the most appropriate and safest place to drop their children, where gates are accessible. We're trying
to meet the interest of both parents and neighbors," Roseville City School District Superintendent Derk Garcia said.

A Roseville city spokesperson told FOX40 that the 24-hour parking permit signs will be installed Monday.

District officals say parents can also park across the street from the school, at the Placer County Fairgrounds.

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