Convicted Sex Offender Evicted from Vallejo Motel 6

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A violent sex offender who has been ordered by a judge to move from motel to motel every 30 days has been evicted from the Motel 6 on Enterprise Street in Vallejo, police said.

"After obtaining further details from Motel 6, it appears that Motel 6 did not know that they had rented a room to Mr. Smith, the recently released sexually violent predator. Once they confirmed that he was staying there, they  acted immediately to evict him," said Daniel E. Keen, Vallejo City Manager.

According to the Vallejo Police Department, Motel 6 alleges that Liberty Healthcare Corporation, the contractor hired by the state to provide services to Smith, concealed his identity in order to obtain two rooms at the motel. Motel 6 says the two men employed by Liberty gave their own names and failed to disclose Smith's identity, who would be staying in the rooms.

"Liberty Healthcare conveyed to us today that Mr. Smith does not have any type of identification, and as a result, they had to register for the room for him," said Vallejo Police Captain John Whitney.

Lauren Eagan, a national spokesperson for Motel 6 released a statement on Thursday, saying the company makes a priority of guest safety and has a firm policy against renting to known or registered sex offenders.

The statement reads, in part:

"...if we unknowingly do rent to such an individual under false name and later become aware, we follow protocols to immediately cancel the reservations, place the individuals on our Do Not Rent List, and remove these individuals from the premises. In this instance, we had no knowledge of Mr. Smith’s presence on the property, nor were we provided an opportunity to investigate and react to these allegations until now."

As for Smith's whereabouts after his eviction from Motel 6, Captain Whitney said Thursday evening: "He has not been able to find any type of motel that will take him, and he's essentially a transient in a vehicle right now with the Liberty Healthcare contractors watching him."

In addition to being monitored by the Liberty Healthcare contractors, Smith wears an ankle bracelet that tracks his location.

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