Man Arrested in 2014 Triple Homicide in Stockton

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Three Stockton families are starting to find closure after police make an arrest in a triple homicide from 2014.

In the early morning of Oct. 12, 2014, three people were found dead inside a car in a parking lot near West Lane and March Lane in Stockton. The driver, 19-year-old Carlitha Villalobos and two passengers, Joshua Aquino and Dallas Bidwell, all died from multiple gunshot wounds. Villalobos's boyfriend was the only victim to survive the shooting. Police say he was not able to identify the shooter.

It was the most deadly shooting on a violent night in Stockton where three separate shootings claimed the lives of five people.

"I have waited a long time, well it seems like a long time to me cause that was my child," Villalobos' mother Roshan Campos said.

Campos met FOX40 at the crime scene Wednesday to thank the public for continuing to share her story online. Just one month prior, on the year anniversary of the shooting Villalobos' family held a vigil at the crime scene to bring renewed awareness to the case. She believes that is what got people talking again, and eventually led to an anonymous tip that brought the alleged shooter into custody late Tuesday night.

"We always knew some people out there knew exactly who it was but we were definitely waiting for this key piece of information to come in," Joe Silva with Stockton Police said.

Dazjohn Dao, 22, is currently behind bars, facing murder charges.

"She was raised so much better. She deserved so much more. So much more. So much more. So much more. It's finally coming to an end, and I'm so glad," Campos said.

Campos told FOX40 on the night of the shooting she told her daughter to stay at home with her young baby and not go out, but she decided to go out and give her friends a ride anyway.

"All we can do is tell her, and she can make the decision on her own and apparently that night she made the wrong decision," Villalobos' cousin Tymeka Mangum said.
"If that victim would have just listened to her mother she'd still be here today," Silva said.

Villalobos was a young mother and student on track to become a cosmetologist.
Her family brought her ashes, and the car she was killed in--a High School graduation gift--to the crime scene Wednesday night to show her that they never gave up hope.

"So I thank you from the bottom of my heart, along with her family and friends.

Without you guys this case probably still would be unsolved," Campos said.

"It's a present form the police department and the community to those families to let them know we do care," Silva said.

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