Placerville Hospital Holds Emergency Drill

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Marshall Medical Center in Placerville held an emergency drill Thursday morning.

The scenario -- a school bus collided with a tanker truck carrying dangerous chemicals.

Nine different agencies, from fire to law enforcement, worked together to prepare in case something like this actually happens. There were even "victims" -- students from Union Mine High School. They pretended to have heart problems and a hard time breathing.

"You have to be ready. You have to know what you are doing. You have to have your equipment available to come in and help people treat them, rapidly triage, assess the different injuries and get them where they need to be right away," Carrie Poggio, a spokesperson at the hospital, said Thursday.

Drills like this help crews prevent accidents in the real world, Cal Fire spokesperson Brice Bennett said.

"Communication is key. Using the same terminology everybody is speaking, the same language is a big deal and, believe it or not, we speak different languages, so getting the law enforcement in the area, the hospital and fire all speaking the same language will help us mitigate problems much quicker," Bennett said.

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