Three Arrested in Fairfield Attempted Robbery, Shooting

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Police have arrested three men after an alleged robbery and shooting in Fairfield on Thursday morning.

The incident happened near El Dorado Court. The man was not injured and no one was in his car when the window was shattered by a bullet.

The man told police the four men fled to a nearby apartment on El Cerrito Court.

Officers say they saw a man, later identified as Dominic Navarro, walk out of an apartment carrying a backpack and run away. Officers pursued the man, and he dropped the backpack and continued running.  He was apprehended without further incident.

When police officers found the backpack, they say they found three handguns inside. Two of the handguns were semi-automatic pistols and the other was a magnum revolver, police said.

Officers arrested two more men who exited the same apartment as Navarro. All three were identified as suspects in the attempted robbery and shooting.

Navarro, 22, was arrested on charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition, possession of a concealed and loaded firearm, resisting, obstructing and delaying an officer and a probation violation.

Manual Rodrigues, 19, was arrested on charges of robbery, shooting into a vehicle, conspiracy and an outstanding felony warrant.

Khalan Johnson, 19, was arrested on charges of robbery, shooting into a vehicle and conspiracy.

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