Weapons Investigation Leads to Shots Fired, Schools Locked Down

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Officers serving an arrest warrant in Sacramento exchanged gunfire with a subject Thursday morning.

The subject is in stable condition. No officers were injured.

It was a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms officer who shot the man -- he was the target of an arrest warrant the law enforcement team was serving.

"Our special response team was met with fire from a suspect, and we returned fire," said Helen Dunkel, spokeswoman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

The incident happened in the 3900 block of 17th Avenue.

"We heard a big boom. And then 1-2-3 shots," said neighbor Susie Duran.

The search and arrest warrants served at the Sacramento home were for weapons-related charges.

But it wasn't the only place police were raiding Thursday. As part of the same operation, law enforcement teams hit other addresses in Sacramento County and in Woodland.

"When the tanks rolled down the street this morning, when the Army tank came rolling down, and 20 undercover cops, no black and whites came rolling down. I'm sayin' 'wow,'" said Doug Barr of Woodland.

Witnesses in Woodland report seeing police make at least one arrest, but unlike in the Sacramento raid, there was no exchange of gunfire.

"I imagine it took a lot of time and a lot of manpower to get all this together at once, and to have this be effective. I salute them," Barr said.

Because the home in Sacramento where the exchange of gunfire happened was so close to schools officials to put them on lock down.

Christian Brothers High School, Oak Ridge Elementary, and Kenny Elementary were all on lock down about 7 a.m. -- before the school day began.

"My child is home with me so I wasn't as worried, as opposed to him being at school at the time it happened. His school if located fairly close, but he was able to go to school on time this morning," said Issac Basped, who lives in the Sacramento neighborhood where the shooting happened.

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