Sheriff’s Department: 1 Deputy Killed, 1 Injured in Rancho Cordova

Family of Yuba County Murder Victim Relieved Suspect Arrested

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Sacramento County Sheriff's Deputies say 25 year old homicide suspect Jonnyrae Witt was arrested Friday afternoon, ending a two week manhunt.

Jonnyrae Witt

25 year old homicide suspect Jonnyrae Witt was arrested Friday.

Witt recently evaded deputies in two SWAT standoffs in Rio Linda. On November 12th, Sacramento County Sheriff's deputies surrounded a home on Rinetti Way after the homeowners said a man with a handgun entered their home. The father and son who live in the home say he fired at them while fleeing.

The Sheriff's department said the suspect was identified through a photo line up. Then, on November 23rd, officers surrounded a home on Ninth and Oak, where they believed Witt was hiding. He is accused of killing his girlfriend, Leslie Cramblit in Yuba County the day before, November 22nd.

"We were watching it all happen, and we saw him go off in the cop car. It would have been nice to see him leaving with the coroner's, honestly," Beverly Cramblit said.

Beverly said her sister was terrified of Witt, but also loved him and fled with him to Yuba County for that very reason.


Leslie Cramblit was killed Nov. 22, leaving behind three young children.

"Love's a crazy thing you know, and she did love that guy and she was down for him, you know. For him to do that, you know I'll never understand that. Never," Beverly Cramblit said.

Beverly told FOX40 someone let them know where Witt was hiding, at a home in Carmichael on Friday. She said her family watched as deputies arrested him.

"I'm glad it happened before the funeral. Now we can lay her to rest in peace. My main concern is that the kids get some rest now," Cramblit said.

Leslie Cramblit left behind three young children.