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Raley’s Recalls Products Affected by Taylor Farms Possible E. Coli Contamination

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Regional grocery chain, Raley's announced they are recalling many of their prepackaged vegetables and salad bags.

Items recalled were distributed by Taylor Farms out of Tracy, after a possible E-Coli contamination.

We met Mary Baca-Dominguez of West Sacramento at her home. She said she was about to cook some turkey posole with her Thanksgiving leftovers. The hearty Mexican stew has a lot of ingredients. So to save some time, Baca-Dominguez bought a pre-packaged bag of vegetables, which would become the strew's toppings.

"Instead of cutting up the cabbage and cutting up the cilantro and all that, i was trying the easy way out, and now I know sometimes the easy way isn't the best way to go," Baca-Dominguez said.

She found out this morning that the very bag in her refrigerator was one of the many items being recalled after possibly testing positive for E-Coli contamination.

The FDA released this long list of recalled items on America's hungriest day -- Thanksgiving.

They said the problem is the celery from Taylor Farms in Tracy.

Earlier this week, Costco announced they are recalling their chicken salad, which contained Taylor Farms celery, after 19 people across the country were reported sick.

Raley's announced many of their salad bags distributed by Taylor Farms were also being pulled off their shelves. Raley's customers are also getting emergency phone calls about the recall and are being asked to return the recall the items for a refund.

"They made an attempt to take care of something that really wasn't their fault, and I think that is really awesome," Baca-Dominguez said.

We tried contacting Taylor Farms. They did not respond to our requests.

If you feel you may have E-Coli poisoning, report it right away, and see a physician.

For a complete list of items recalled, visit here.