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Single Mother’s Holiday Spirit Restored One Day After Her Electric Car Charger is Stolen

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A Thanksgiving thief in Folsom ruined one struggling single moms holiday spirit, but complete strangers are helping restore that.

Sammantha Mello woke up Friday morning to find the electric car charger for her Fiat was gone. It was stolen from right in front of her parents home on Van Winkle Court in Folsom.

"I was disappointed, then I was upset," she said.

The single mom has a lot of expenses for her 3-year-old daughter Emily, and the nearly $400 replacement charger isn't in her budget.

She thought she had to choose between buying Emily Christmas presents or paying for a new charger until strangers on Facebook saw her story and decided to spread a little holiday cheer. In just 20 minutes, Mello's GoFundMe account had surpassed the $385 goal to replace the charger.

Folsom resident Dawn Grove donated to the cause and said, "To see people pitch in, and want to give to others, makes me want to keep that love tornado going."

Mello said she couldn't be more grateful for her community.

"It was more than I could have asked for, and it definitely turned the Christmas spirit around."

The Folsom Police Department said thieves targeting electric car chargers isn't something they've heard of, but suspects likely resell things like that. As technology changes so does the focus of criminals.