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Stockton Firefighter’s Wife Battling Cancer, Fire Department Raising Funds to Help

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Stockton firefighters risk their lives to protect the city. It’s this dedication to their work that brings them together. The same kind of energy that’s also helping them help one of their own.

"This is no different to us. This is hitting home with somebody close to us,” Battalion Chief Rick Stubstad told FOX40 on Friday.

Stubstad said they’ve been raising funds through GoFundMe ( for firefighter Dave McLaughlin whose wife was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. McLaughlin has been on leave, taking his wife Gina to her chemotherapy appointments. She has stage 4 adinocarcinoma, and doctors believe her cancer is incurable.

“Wow. What a shame, what a tragedy for something like that to strike such a nice young lady,” Chief Operator Art Ray said.

The sad news has prompted the department to act. They said the funds raised will help the family’s expenses. Some firefighters are also donating their time, picking up some of McLaughlin’s shifts. The department has also scheduled weeks works of meals for the family.

“Got his shifts covered. He’s going to be off work for quite some time so we’ve got all his hours covered right now,” Ray explained.

They help in every which way they can and even though cancer is not an easy challenge to face, they’re up for the fight and hoping for the best.

“We hope that she beats this,” Ray added.