15-Year-Old Girl Hit by Bullet While Working at Family’s Farm

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A 15-year-old girl was shot by what could have been a stray bullet in Stanislaus County.

The shooting happened about 3 p.m. Sunday in Crows Landing near the Turlock Sportmsan's Club.

Stanislaus County sheriff’s deputies are now investigating where the bullet came from.

At this point, the mystery may continue because the girl’s family said off-camera that removing the bullet may cause her more damage.

Deputies said there are people not affiliated with the club who shoot their guns across the river, adding to the mystery.

On a quiet Stanislaus County farm, the 15-year-old girl was moving hay, helping her family with farm chores on Sunday afternoon, until a bullet struck her in the back.

"She’s very outgoing, very good person. She’s always … she’s always outside doing her chores like she’s supposed to, I mean she’s always outgoing, you know what I mean?” Crystal Boswell, a family friend, said.

She is in disbelief that the victim was wounded.

Family members told FOX40 that when the bullet first hit the girl, she couldn’t feel her legs. She cried and feared for the worst while on her way to the hospital.

“Very emotional. It’s very sad. Now, we have to worry you know, anybody has to worry if another bullet is going to hit somebody else,” Boswell said.

Investigators said they don’t know yet if the bullet came from the Turlock Sportsman’s Club. Neighbors said they hear the guns go off mostly over the weekends.

"We hear gunshots from there all the time. It scares my dogs bad,” said Kathy Runge, a Crows Landing resident.

The shooting range is right across the San Joaquin River, about a quarter of a mile from the edge of the girl’s family's property.

FOX40 called the club several times for their response.

Two women who were in front of the club Monday afternoon asked FOX40 to leave the property, they said they received the station's messages and said they had "no comment."

FOX40 has not heard back from organizers.

"They need to move (the shooting range). They need to do something with that place, I mean, it’s going to happen again or what?” Boswell said.

Deputies added that some people not affiliated with the club shoot their guns near the river, according to the county. It’s legal as long as no homes or structures are nearby.

Despite a bruised pancreas and hole in her intestine, the teen girl will be OK.

The family knows the shooting wasn’t intentional or malicious, but they believe preventive measures can be made.

“They better do something with it because they’re just going to let it happen to somebody else. I don’t know,” Boswell said.

The family also said the girl may have to wear a brace.

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