A Close Call for Folsom Woman Whose Car Was Hit by Paintball

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It was a close call for a Folsom woman who said her car was hit by a paintball.

Mary Campos was on her way home from a festive family Thanksgiving dinner in El Dorado Hills when suddenly she heard a very loud smack on her windshield.

She was driving up Francisco Drive and making a left onto Green Valley Road when she heard the startling sound.

"I had the kids in the car, and I asked 'Did you do that?' I thought maybe they hit the window. And they said 'No, what was that?'" Campos said.

It was pitch black outside at 12:45 a.m. on Saturday, so she did not stop to see what it was until she got to her home in Folsom, five minutes later.

To her surprise, it was a neon orange paintball splotch.

"It wasn't harmful for me. It didn't do damage to the car, but it could have," she said.

Campos was hit from the side, on the plastic portion of the van. So she is not pursuing any damages.

But had it hit the windshield, it may have had a very different outcome.

"Maybe they just don't realize what could happened ... that this could potentially lead to an accident where there could be a fatality," Campos said.

Folsom and El Dorado Hills residents said lately they have seen more of these incidents.

The El Dorado County Sheriff's Department said illegal paintball shootings have serious consequences, including the possibility of a felony charge.

Both California Highway Patrol and the sheriff's department investigate these reports as both a vehicle code violations and vandalism.

Investigators do not know who is behind the paintball shootings. But they said if it was done by teenagers, both the kids and their parents could face criminal and civil charges.

"I think the parents need to sit down and talk to them and maybe monitor them, so see what they're doing with these paintball guns," Campos said.

Campos hopes whoever did this, takes this seriously. Because next time, they may not be so lucky.

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