Butte Fire Victim Struggling to Rebuild After Materials Stolen from Property

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The flames may be out but some of the survivors of the Butte Fire are still feeling the heat of loss.

Just as she was getting ready to rebuild her home, a Mountain Ranch woman's materials were stolen off her property.

For three years, Darci Harris has lived in her house on top of the hill with her disabled brother and children.

The single mother worked at home, growing a farm and raising animals. But the Butte Fire wiped away everything she owned.

Since the fire, she has been collecting supplies to rebuild.

But when she came onto her property Monday, something was missing.

Several rolls of metal fencing for her future goat pens were stolen off her driveway.

"It did not cross my mind that someone would creep up here and throw things in their vehicle and leave," Harris said. "When you lose everything and you have nothing. It's just an insult to injury."

Living the mountain life, she said she never had to worry about thieves, trespassers, or even locking her doors.

But since the fire, she said many of her neighbors have been victims of theft.

"It doesn't make sense. It hurts. It's stripping ... you know ... what you have left," Harris said.

For the first time, she said she does not feel safe living in her own home.

"It makes me feel like I maybe don't want to live here anymore. And that's a shame. I grew up in Calaveras County my whole life, and I went to school here my whole life, and I like it here," Harris said.

She is now facing the difficult decision to rebuild or relocate.