San Francisco ‘Hot Cop’ Charged with Two Felonies in Hit-and-Run

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Prosecutors have charged a renowned San Francisco Police officer with two felony counts of hit-and-run in connection with a crash that left two men with serious injuries.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports the city’s district attorney charged 38-year-old Christopher Kohrs Tuesday for his alleged role in Sunday’s hit-and-run.

Police say Kohrs was allegedly driving in downtown San Francisco when he slammed his car into two pedestrians crossing a street before dawn Sunday.

A seven-year veteran, Kohrs gained social media notoriety for his good looks, friendly demeanor and chiseled body while directing traffic in San Francisco’s predominantly gay Castro neighborhood.

Police say Kohrs turned himself in and he was booked into jail about 10 hours after the incident. He was on medical leave at the time of the crash.

Kohrs, who was on medical leave at the time of the crash, is out on $100,000 bail.