Homeless Man Who Thwarted Armed Robbery May Get Help

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A homeless man fought off a would-be robber with a fire extinguisher and now a group of Stockton residents want to help the man for his good deed.

It's a story FOX40 first brought you on Tuesday night. A gunman held up a Chevron gas station clerk at West Hammer Lane off Interstate 5 in Stockton on Monday night.

Now, there are new efforts to bring Steve Smith new clothes and a better life.

It may have been Tuyet Tran and Smith's friendship.

"It’s a good friendship, yeah, yeah," Smith said on Tuesday.

Or, it may have been timing.

"And I asked Steve, 'Why did you do that? You could have gotten hurt,' and he told me 'It’s because you have kids,'" Tran told FOX40 on Tuesday.

But either way, Tran, a clerk for a Chevron gas station is grateful that Smith took a fire extinguisher and used it to thwart a would-be robber.

"And then I started grabbing for the fire extinguisher, which is right by the door, right there," Smith said on Tuesday.

Smith, a trained electrician who is currently unemployed and homeless came to Tran's aide when a gunman demanded cash from the mother of three.

His valiant and selfless deed was posted on our Facebook page and shared hundreds of times.

"When you see something like tha,t I think that you need to give him something back," Jaeda Aldena, a Stockton resident said.

Many people wanted to help. Many like Aldena, "We saw that … that Steve helped out a gas station clerk and saved her from pretty much getting robbed at gunpoint," Aldena said.

Aldena and her friends have never met Smith, but they've reached out to those less fortunate before.

Last Christmas, she handed out food to the homeless underneath the crosstown bridge in Stockton.

"We cooked all the food at our house ourselves, put it in to-go boxes put it in back of a truck and just handed them out," Aldena said.

This year, she said they want to help Smith.

"We try to help out during the holidays for, you know, the less fortunate, and we’re trying to get a little personal this year try to find somebody to just hook 'em up," she said.

They're gathering clothes and anything else he may need.

"Some people to get out. Maybe get him some nice clothes, a suit. Get him groomed up," Aldena explained.

A little help for a man who used a fire extinguisher to save his friend's life.

Their next task is to find Smith who frequents the gas station.

They've also set up a GoFundMe account: https://www.gofundme.com/stocktonhelpsteve

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