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Coloma Club Thief Caught On Camera

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The landmark Coloma Club Restaurant and Bar on Highway 49 and Marshall Road was the victim of a meticulous burglar last week, and El Dorado County Sheriff detectives are hoping someone knows who the culprit is.

The man took pains to crawl through the business with a hoodie on but then looks directly at one of the updated security cameras in the bar.

It appears he knew what he was looking for because video shows him carrying a bag of power tools and electric extension cables. He located a safe in the kitchen and video shows sparks fly as he opened a 4x4 inch hole in the safe.

After he took money from the safe he went straight to an ATM and used the same grinder to take cash out of the recently restocked machine.

Coloma Club owner Valerie Jensen says no one recognizes the man but she is sure he is not a regular at the bar. Although he seems to know there is a safe and ATM there, he did not take any of the dozens of initialized dollar bills tacked to the ceiling by customers. Nor did he take a bag full of bills in plain sight behind the bar used to collect money for a candy sale fundraiser.

Jensen also said there was a second the thief overlooked as well.

"We have another safe above the big safe which we had more money in and he didn't bother with that either," said Jensen.

At one time during his attempt to open the ATM he looked out a window several times, indicating he was crawling through the building so he wouldn't be spotted from the road. He didn't count on staring directly into the security camera.

"It was a big mistake," said Jensen.

Several thousand dollars were taken, much of it from the ATM machine. Jensen said there have been a rash of burglaries along Highway 49 and she wouldn't be surprised if the same person or people are responsible. So far there has been no hard evidence linking the crimes.