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Craft Project Transforms Bullets into Menorah Candle Holders

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At the Chanukah Wonderland event at the Folsom Community Center on Sunday, there were traditional games and crafts, and one particular project with a very unique twist: Participants had the opportunity to craft menorahs using empty bullet casings as candle-holders.

The casings were provided by a local gun shop.

As Rabbi Yossi Grossbaum of the Chabad Jewish Community Center points out, the bullet menorah project has roots in the writings of a prophet.

"Isaiah talks about taking the swords and transforming them into plow shares," said Rabbi Grossbaum. "These (menorahs) are taking not exactly swords, but bullets, and transforming them into candles and holders for light."

The ability of light to overpower might is a central theme of Chanukah and one with applications for everyone in today's world, said the Rabbi.

"Every single person has the ability in their own personal lives, not necessarily to take weapons and transform them into peaceful items, but to take things in their life that are perhaps negative and transform them into situations of light, opportunities to spread light."