Local School Adds Security after Shooting Threat

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A troubling message scrawled into the desk at Andrew Carnegie Middle School in Orangevale has administrators and law enforcement on high alert.

Students at the middle school found the note today written onto a desk top, and reported it. The message said there would be a shooting at the school on December 8.

In an email to parents, the school's principal said this type of thing is becoming "more common, but most often found to be the poor choice of a student who doesn't actually intend to harm anyone." None-the-less the school district intends to take it seriously.

"Right now, my wife is really not into the idea of going to school tomorrow, doesn't think it's worth the chance," said Jon Talbot, who has a 12-year-old daughter who goes to the school. "I certainly don't have anything to say that would be at all convincing that we should. But I just don't feel like we should live in fear."

Talbot and his wife are deciding if they will keep their daughter home tomorrow.

He says he's less worried about threatening messages like the one found at Carnegie than he is about the violence that may come without any warning at all.

But despite those worries, he's trying to teach his daughter not to live in fear.

"We can't all live in a bubble. A society where we don't get to be free isn't really worth living in either. A golden, gilded cage is still just a cage," Talbot said.

The School District says it will have law enforcement on campus tomorrow, to continue the investigation into who may have left the note and to provide an extra level of security.

They are also urging parents to speak with their children about messages like this one. They want kids to understand that, even if they are written as a joke, threats of violence in a school can be a serious crime with life-long ramifications.