Elderly Marysville Woman’s Death Investigated as Suspicious

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An elderly woman was found dead inside her Marysville home Monday from an apparent gunshot wound.

Police said Gloria Booth, 92, was found by her family after they hadn't heard from her in several days.

Investigators did not call the case a homicide, but said the woman’s wound was suspicious. An autopsy Wednesday revealed the wound was caused by a bullet.

Investigators are now looking into who Booth may have had contact with.

"She lived alone, for her age, she was actually considered fairly active. She drove a car regularly. We learned last night that she regularly went to Starbucks, goes to the grocery store, does a lot of things still by herself," said Lt. Jason Garringer with the Marysville Police Department.

Booth's family told FOX40 she spent her entire life in Marysville.

Her son told FOX40 she served in the Navy during World War 11, and mothered five children, 11 grandchildren and three great-grandkids. Her son said all of them are going to greatly miss her this holiday season. Neighbors also remember Booth as friendly.

"She brought a cake over to welcome to the neighborhood. But she was just real quiet and reserved stayed to herself," said Paul Mote, who lives next door.

Some neighbors told FOX40 they're now questioning their own safety.

"It's scary, I have family here, I have kids... the sooner (police solve the case) the better because we have families here, it's very scary," said Irene Landa, who lives across the street from Booth.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the Marysville Police Department.