Heavy Snow Starts Falling in the Sierra

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Heavy snow fell as truck drivers chained up along I-80 Thursday afternoon.

The day brought a mix of snow, wind and rain.

Earlier in the day, the roads stayed relatively clear.  Good conditions for drivers and snowboarders like Corina Posada.  She beat the weekend crowds at Boreal.

"I think this winter is gonna be pretty good its already dumping every other week," Posada said.

The dedicated snowboarder has already been on the slopes 10 times this season.

She drove up from Sacramento despite warnings to stay off the roads because of the incoming storm.

"I'm heading home for winter break, so I knew I had to come this weekend no matter the weather, it was kinda dangerous, but I love snowboarding," Posada said.

Near Donner Lake, those less familiar with the area enjoyed the views.

"The lake is very very beautiful," said German tourist Anita Xylander.

Xylander and her husband stopped to put on jackets, realizing the weather was colder than expected.

In Truckee, many businesses were slow for much of the day as they waited for snow.

"The storm wasn't what we hoped for, but hopefully there's still more on the way," said Doug Caveney, general manager at Pizza Bar.

Caveney is counting on more snow and more customers by the weekend.​