Congressman Tom McClintock: More Gun Ownership Needed

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Granite Bay Congress Rep. Tom McClintock made his case for looser gun restrictions on the floor of Congress this week in the face of attempts to restrict gun ownership by those disgusted with the recent San Bernardino shootings.

He is also listed as an honorary co-host of a "2nd Amendment" fundraiser by Fresno Republican congressional candidate Johnny Tacherra, who promised to give a handgun to major donors.

McClintock is a Republican conservative who represents a sprawling, mostly rural district just north of the district Tacherra is contesting.

"That fundraiser was set in motion long before the events in San Bernardino, but I think it is entirely appropriate to point out that if there had been just one person in that room that had been able to return fire, a lot of innocent lives could have been saved," McClintock told FOX40 News.

In Washington, he told members of Congress in a floor speech that President Obama was responsible for liberal immigration policies that allow terrorists to enter the United States, and that now he wants to deprive citizens of the means to protect themselves.

"The best defense against an armed terrorist is an armed American," said McClintock.

He also spoke out against recent attempts to prevent people on airline "no-fly" lists because he was mistakenly put on a no-fly when he was a State Senator. He says he doesn't trust how restrictions might be implemented by bureaucrats.

"I said, 'How did I get on this list?' They said, 'I don't know.' I said, 'What criteria do you use to get on the list?' 'Oh, we can't tell you that, that's classified.' I said, 'How do I get off?' he said 'You can't,'" McClintock said.

He later learned he was mistaken for an IRA terrorist. McClintock was told to use his middle name when flying and had no trouble getting flights.

McClintock insists that gun rights sentiments are being embraced by people across the political spectrum, although Democratic lawmakers for the most part are looking at gun ownership restrictions in response to recent mass shootings.