An Extreme Life: Widow of Wingsuit Athlete Speaks Out

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Kaci Florez lost her husband in July.

Kaci, a Sacramento-area dance and yoga instructor, was married to Jhonathan Florez, a Colombian-born extreme athlete.

Some of Florez's high-flying stunt work can be seen in the "Point Break" remake, which hits theaters Christmas Day.

"I fell in love with the air, and I just started jumping, and then I kept following my heart, and it’s taken me to some places, let me tell you," Florez said in 2012.

Florez and Kaci met in 2010, skydiving at the Lodi Parachute Center.

The two married in 2012, the same year Florez set four Guinness World Records.

"Every year, we lose someone we know," Kaci said. "It’s just a reality of the sport."

A year before his death, Florez's skills with wingsuit flying and videography took him to Hollywood.

"This was a dream job," Kaci said. "'Point Break,' the original, is so iconic, such an inspiration for so many people who skydive today."

Ericson Core, the director of "Point Break: Push Back the Limits," said his film would not have been possible if weren't for athletes like Jhonny Florez.

"The extreme athletes were everything to this project," Core said. "My creative partners more than just being in the film."

"When you see a scene in the movie where it's four guys flying through a crevice, it's actually five guys because somebody has to be getting that shot," Kaci said.

Even with his playful spirit, Kaci said her husband's job was about so much more.

"He used his platform as an athlete to raise awareness for topics that were important to him," she said.

"I do believe that we, as athletes and people in the spotlight, have a responsibility to use talk about things that are bigger than our sport and use our craft to communicate important messages," Florez said in 2012.

From his incredible, blindfolded "Jump for Justice" to hospital visits with children, Florez saw his sport and status as a way to serve.

"He was passionate about everything. Everything he did, he did with all his heart," Kaci said.

This week, Kaci travels to Los Angeles for the "Point Break" premiere.

"It feels really good to see his work in the world and to be around his friends," she told FOX40.

Kaci says it's still hard to believe he's gone, but her Qoya dance and yoga community, friends, family and their dogs are helping her heal.

Since her husband's death, Kaci says she is finding peace within gratitude.

"I really believe he did everything he was supposed to do here on earth," she said. "It was just his time to go."