Christmas Enthusiast Opens His Very Own Elk Grove Christmas Wonderland

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An Elk Grove man is opening up his own Christmas Wonderland after his hundreds of decorations outgrew his home.

Maroun Aboubechara is a pipefitter, a husband and a dad. But he is also a self-proclaimed Christmas-a-holic.

"I've been collecting this stuff for 26 to 27 years," Aboubechara said.

For years, he has welcomed friends and family to view his impressive decorations inside his Elk Grove home.

"Every year it gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger!" Aboubechara said.

Eventually, his decorations outgrew his home. So for the first time in his life, he is going public. He rented out a business space next to the Bel Air on Elk Grove Florin Road in Elk Grove to set up his very own Christmas wonderland.

"I'm doing this for the kids because I want the kids to be happy. And put a smile on their faces," Aboubechara said.

For a $3 entry fee, visitors will see hundreds of toys, Santa figurines and miniature homes, all lit up at night. All proceeds will go to charity.

"I love seeing them happy. Every single detail, you know?" visitor Hala Doumat said. She brought her 4-year-old son Christian and 1-year-old son Anthony to see the ornate display.

The wonder, the joy and the spectacle visitors see when they come through the doors are the best gifts of all for Aboubechara.

"When I see their smile, believe me. My heart gets so big. And I get happier, and I want to do more," Aboubechara said.

Aboubechara said if his collections keep growing, he may have to rent out an auditorium. He thanked his friends and donors who made this display possible.