Redding Community Shocked, Disturbed After Children Found Dead in Storage Unit

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It's a story that has shocked and disgusted the community in Redding.

"I don't know it just makes me sick," said Katie Hutchison.

Sunday, when police tore off the lock off a Redding storage unit, they found the bodies of two children.  Family has identified them as 3-year-old Delylah Tara and 6-year-old Shaun Tara.

The siblings were reported missing from Salinas while under the care of 39-year-old Tami Huntsman and her 17-year-old boyfriend Gonzalo Curiel.

The couple is now considered suspects in their death.

Laurie Miller is the assistant manager at the storage facility where the bodies were found.  She says their records show the suspects came in almost two weeks ago, on Dec. 4.

Huntsman and Curiel are already behind bars in connection to another horrific case of child abuse in Plumas County.

FOX40 reached out to the suspects' relatives in Redding.  They told us off camera, like everyone else in the community, they are shocked and upset by what happened.

"It's just heartbreaking," said Miller.

Miller and others in Redding are still struggling to understand why anyone would leave the bodies of two innocent children here.

"Oh the poor little babies, my heart is broken for them, like amazingly broken for them," said Hutchison.

The Redding Police Department determined Wednesday that the children's deaths occurred outside of Shasta County.

The Salinas Police Department and Monterey County DA's office are now the lead investigators in the case.