Couple Accused of Leaving Children in Redding Storage Unit Made Stop in Dunnigan

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Child abuse suspects Tami Huntsman and Gonzalo Curiel spent the night at the Motel 6 in Dunnigan on Nov. 27.

No children were spotted with them on the motel surveillance video. Huntsman paid for two rooms with two beds each, according to motel staff.

Front desk clerk Vanessa Latham said the couple acted normal, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

The next morning Huntsman checked out, and got a receipt from the front desk. The hotel manager said she was smiling and acting totally fine.

It's unclear if the children were ever at the motel.

Earlier this week, Redding police identified two children who were reported missing and in the care of the care of Huntsman and Curiel, but stopped short of identifying them as the victims found dead in a Redding storage unit Monday.

The missing children are siblings 3-year-old Delylah Tara, and 6-year-old Shaun Tara.

The bodies were discovered in a storage unit, following information received by a tip. Investigators are now focusing not the couple's Salinas home.

Autopsy results on the bodies found in the storage facility revealed to investigators that the children were not killed there.

The couple was arrested for felony child abuse and torture.

Family member blasts CPS for 'failing' kids

Precious Aponte, who is the half sister of Delilah and Shaun, said Child Protective Services is to blame for what happened to them.

Aponte was in shock, considering CPS assured her the kids were safe, attending school & receiving counseling.

Their mother was killed in a car accident two years ago. Delilah and Shaun's father handed them off to Huntsman because he was going to prison.

Aponte said it was after a year, when the family learned of the kids' whereabouts, including 9-year-old half-sibling Frankie Tara, who is now recovering at UC Davis Med Center after suffering severe injuries, allegedly at the hands of Huntsman and Curiel, police have said.

Aponte has vowed to take care of Frankie by bringing her to live with her & her grandparents. She says none of these horrific things would've happen to the children if CPS had listened to family and the placed the three children with them.