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Guns and God: Modesto Church Shares How They Stay Safe

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The House Modesto is a very popular, highly visited church. But before the pews fill up with thousands of the faithful, and before anyone gets a chance to speak on stage, there are plans in place just in case someone shoots.

“All preventative with qualified people. These are people that are policemen that would be in our church. These would be people of security,” Senior Pastor Glen Berteau said.

FOX40 sat down with Berteau about the church's security detail. He said at every service there will be dozens of parishioners inside the church, ready to hear the word of God with concealed guns.

"If it’s going to be something of violence, somebody’s going to bring guns, then you know what, it’s gonna last long, and it’s not gonna be someone that’s going to have a free-for-all,” Berteau said.

The House’s head of security, Doug Mattingly, explained that his team is taught to use their guns as the last resort.

"It’s their training, a lot of them. We use our officers, their training and their instincts, and they’re just kinda watching over making sure everybody’s OK,” Mattingly said.

Mattingly added that most of them are trained police officers and looking for potential gunmen in the pews is just a part of their detail. He said the security measures have been with the church since 2006 and every year they add different scenarios for them to prepare for.

"We practice different kind of scenarios. Anywhere from fire hazard, bomb threat to anything like that,” Mattingly said.

Guns, God and most of all keeping the thousands of worshipers safe.

“If the need arise, they know in their training they’ll be able to handle the situation,” Mattingly said.