Good Samaritans Stop Suspected Purse Robber in Stockton

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Some good Samaritans stepped up and helped a 69-year-old stranger who Stockton police officers said was forcefully robbed of her purse. They said the robbery happened at the Walmart on Trinity Parkway in Stockton on Wednesday night.

It’s one of the busiest times of the shopping year, but for one woman, a visit to the Walmart turned dangerous.

The Stockton Police Department said Damaryon White forcefully grabbed a 69-year-old woman’s purse in the parking lot.

“Wow. That’s terrible. That is terrible. You know, Stockton’s getting outrageous with crime,” said Tony Miles of Stockton.

A witness FOX40 spoke with over the phone said the lady screamed, "He stole my purse!"

He added that the suspect tried to get away, but he didn’t get very far. Four men chased after White and tackled him onto the ground.

“Oh good. That’s good. Good Samaritans, we need more of that,” Miles said.

“Yay! That’s good!” Kathy Martinez and Joseph Russell cheered.

The witness said White tried to fake a seizure and even tried to fight the four men off. Fifteen minutes later, Stockton police officers arrived and took him off to jail.

“I’m glad that it ended up being a good story,” Russell said.

Four good men who not only made the woman’s day just a little bit better, they showed their city that there are everyday heroes in Stockton.

“Can’t trust anybody, anymore. But there are still good people,” Martinez said.