Nevada City Hoping for a White Christmas

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Christmas cheer is all over Nevada City. Bows and garland line the street,s now all the town needs is a little snow. If Mother Nature cooperates, this year could be the first white Christmas residents have seen in years.

Alvis Legate has lived in town for 37 years and said, "I don't ever recall having a white Christmas up here."

That could all change Friday. The forecast shows a chance for snow Thursday night, which is exciting news for those who've grown up in town.

"It used to snow all the time," said Richard Costello, a 36-year Nevada City resident.

Small flurries throughout Christmas Eve raised hopes the winter weather will continue into the night. Not only will it add to the Christmas cheer in Nevada City, but some say it's a needed boost.

"It's different, especially because it hasn't rained in so long so to get something is pretty good," said Costello.

Even if Mother Nature decides not to blanket the town, their days will still be merry and bright.

"It's incredibly beautiful. You can see how beautiful the streets are here, so we're lucky to be in a historic town like this," Legate said.