El Dorado Hills Families Spend Christmas Cleaning Up Tornado Damage

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It was the early Christmas surprise that no one wanted.

Lyndell Deatherage looked at some of the tornado damage for the first time as he walked FOX40 through his property in El Dorado Hills.

Powerful winds bent the metal roof of a barn, gusts gave the trampoline a ride and sent patio furniture flying, along with some skylights.

"It took our neighbors trash and put it all over the place. Because when it came through the house it picked up these sky lights," Deatherage said.

The family was in the Bay Area when the storm hit around 3 p.m. Thursday.

They rushed home after neighbors starting sending videos of the unexpected Christmas tornado.

"We've heard of tornadoes but we've never seen one," said Chris Douglas.

Down the street Douglas spent the holiday cleaning up the damage to his mother's home.

"We had this tree fall on the house.. and this tree fall on the road that goes down to my grandmothers," Douglas said.

Branches littered the front yard after two trees toppled over. The tornado destroyed three of their sheds and their goat pen.

It was a Christmas filled with chores in El Dorado Hills.

It wasn't what these families had planned but the tornado created some unique memories, and luckily only destroyed material items.

"Nobody got hurt, that's all we care about," said Deatherage.

The National Weather Service classified this as an EF1 tornado.