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Police: Nude Stranger Stole Purse from Auburn Home

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An Auburn woman got a Christmas night surprise that she certainly never expected. Quite the opposite actually — it’s one she dreaded — a burglar came into her home. If that wasn't enough to send her into a panic, the burglar was completely nude.

"Why was he naked in my house?"

It’s a question almost no one expects to even have to ask, but this woman — who didn’t want to appear on camera — is trying to figure it out.

"I could go into tears right now because I'm in shock — why the whole thing happened. Someone in your home, coming up the steps,” she said.

auburn nude burglar

28-year-old Adam Pettibone is being held tonight on $250,000 bail.

After 8 p.m. last night, police say 28-year-old Adam Pettibone walked into the woman’s home nude and stole her purse.

Her boyfriend says when he saw Pettibone, the alleged burglar ran.

"It was his lucky day, because I didn't have my firearm in the house,” he said.

He chased after Pettibone, who police say got into a Chevy SUV and swerved toward the boyfriend. He hit the ground and still has the scars to prove it.

The victim called 911 then alerted neighbors who were just as puzzled as she was.

"Everything about this was unusual,” said neighbor Maxine Dunsmore.

Police sergeant Tucker Huey says when it comes to motive, they’ve got more questions than answers.

"We do not [know why he was naked],” Huey said. “The investigation is ongoing, and that's one of the main questions."

At this point, police don't believe Pettibone was on drugs or alcohol at the time.

Police found the suspect’s vehicle not far from the scene. According to authorities, he didn’t say much but didn’t put up a fight when they arrested him. He’s being held tonight on $250,000 bail.