Post Christmas Mall Rush Sales Could Surpass Black Friday

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Shoppers across the country are rushing back into malls, taking advantage of post-Christmas sales, newly received gift cards, and return items.

“You'll see gift card spending and returns,” Jamie Donley, Sr. Marketing Director of Arden Fair Mall said. “But today, after talking to retailers, sales are going well, better than last year.”

Mall management said so far, Arden Fair’s busiest shopping day this year was on Dec. 23. Arden Fair expects around 60,000 shoppers to visit their mall on Dec. 26 – making it a close second.

Every store displayed loud posters, advertising deep discounts on nearly every item.

“It's 50% off,” shopper Melissa Cordova said. She and her boyfriend were picking up an ornament. “So I thought we can personalize it and pick it up for Christmas.”

Chaunte Fisher was shopping with her daughter, Myah. “Our boys wanted to get some games from Game Stop, so my husband is with them.”

Debbie Gould and her daughter in law say the deals were so good, they are now 364 days ahead of the game.

“I'm shopping for the sales and I'm putting it away for next holiday season... next year,” Gould said.

But with every last minute shopper before Christmas, there are always first minute returners after Christmas. Lee Rosette and his daughter Jordyn skipped the lines and shopped online. But now, he has to face his worst nightmare.

“I ordered online, but you don't know what you're getting, so what we got was a size too small,” Rosette said.

Hopefully he did not have to go through what fellow shopper, Lance Woods, just experienced.

“I was at Macy's... in line,” Woods said. “The line was just ridiculous. I’m telling you, it was crazy. It took me around to Cinnabon it went so long. I ended up getting dessert. I didn't even take the shoes back!”

Woods said he received shoes as a gift but they did not fit properly. Instead of waiting a few days. He decided to keep them.

"My feet are going to be like this… bunched up! But it’s too late. They are my shoes now. The line was too long!”

A size too small, and his toes bunched up, but he says he is thankful nonetheless. That's the spirit of the holidays.

Mall management is asking shoppers to be patient. There is an underused parking lot behind the mall, so they ask shoppers to take advantage of those parking spaces.