Oroville Family’s Hoverboard Bursts into Flames Inside Home

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Yet another hoverboard in Northern California caught fire and nearly cost a family their home.

It was the highlight of her 8-year-old son's Christmas until, Oroville resident Kisha Loomis says, his brand new Smart Balance Wheel hoverboard exploded into flames that reached her bedroom ceiling within minutes.

"I was just hitting, hitting, hitting trying to get the fire out, and I couldn't get it out, and the room was full of smoke," said Loomis.

The hoverboard was plugged in, charging.

Eventually Loomis' husband used a fire extinguisher to put out the blaze -- not before it spread through her carpet and destroyed her mattress,where her 18-month-old Jaden often takes naps.

"To tell you the truth, this makes me angry. I'm glad my baby wasn't on it," said Loomis.

This isn't the first hoverboard mishap, not by a longshot.

Saturday, a Folsom home nearly burned after a hoverboard there burst into flames.

Nationwide, at least 28 people reported similar fires in 19 states, according to a spokesman with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

CPSP is currently investigating hoverboard fire risk, but doesn't have a definite reason why they go up in flames.

Chairman Elliot Kaye said in a statement: “I am also concerned that there is no safety standard in place for hoverboards.”

"Look for any signs of damage or that there could be a problem with it. Those could be things like leaky batteries or just the unit is really hot to the touch," said Cal Fire Battalion Chief Matt Damon.

In light of the toy's troubles recently, Damon says the state fire marshal issued a memo directly addressing hoverboard safety.

Loomis says she wishes she'd known the potential risks before she bought the gift -- it would've saved her family a lot of heartache.

"I was very upset, my son, seeing him crying, thinking it was his fault because it was his toy, that was very upsetting," said Loomis.

Everything that was lost is replaceable. Her story, she says, is a warning for others.

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