Trash Piling Up at Popular Sledding Destination

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The steady snow fall is bringing more tourists in search of somewhere to sled in Tuolumne County, but it's also attracting litter.

A used syringe, disposable cups and a mound of broken sleds.

“It’s disgusting. It’s really heartbreaking. It’s a beautiful place,” Modesto resident Tasha Skow said.

It's not the experience Skow hoped to share with her two young children, but the Modesto mother found herself unable to ignore this huge mess off of Highway 108 in Tuolumne County.

“I’ve been trying to pick up what I can,” she said.

She, along with dozens of other snow seekers, came to sled down the popular hill between Sierra Village and Little Sweden.

“I don’t think people should be throwing it because this is so beautiful,” Modesto resident Daniel Ortiz said.

There are no trash cans and no restrooms, and that's because it's not an actual sledding area. That hasn't stopped motorists from parking where they’re not supposed to park, sliding and littering.

"Just scattered with junk, and you know people don’t mind bringing the stuff but if it’s garbage, they don’t want to take the garbage home with them,” Skow said.

So while Skow originally came to share a fun experience with her kids, she also shared an unexpected lesson in cleanliness.

“If you bring it out with you and try to take it, you know. Pack out whatever you packed in. Nobody else wants to pick up anybody’s mess,” she said.

Skow took what she could and drove back down to Modesto to throw the trash away properly.

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