DJ Drama Clarified with the Sacramento Kings

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With 20 years in the booth behind him, Sacramento's DJ Freeze is all about local promotion.

"Adele tickets $800 to $1,000 apiece. You know you can't afford it, so why not get'em for free? We've got'em for you," he shouts as he leans into the microphone.

That local focus is why he's been upset by a recent choice made by the Sacramento Kings to use a DJ from San Francisco to spin at Sleep Train Arena.

"I was a little bit ticked off being from Sacramento, knowing the hashtag #SacramentoProud. You know, this didn't really match up with that logic. You know DJ culture is thriving in Sacramento.  Why don't we have somebody from our town representing the Sacramento Kings?" questioned Justin Fostar aka DJ Freeze.

Freeze had been so irritated by Instagram and Facebook posts by DJ Amen celebrating his mid-December gig with Sac's hardcourt royalty that he took to his own social media pages.

He blasted the out-of-city choice -- not his fellow DJ.

The phone lines over at  Hot 103.5 opened up.

"We went through years of worrying about losing our Sacramento Kings, and then we're going to out-source? That don't make any sense," complained one caller.

Other music men who helped lead the fight to save the Kings by co-founding Crown Downtown are also miffed at a DJ rotation that would be anything but homegrown.

"Sacramento has an inferiority complex, people always coming in and thinking they're better than us. So, we want to build our own stars in Sacramento, and the best way to do that is to put them on the biggest platform," said Justin Marshall aka JayMarZZ.

Though no one from the Kings organization would comment about the DJ issue on camera, administrative sources tell FOX40 the team has recently given that biggest platform to local talent DJ Zrokk.

Those sources also say San Francisco spinner DJ Amen has not been hired as the resident DJ for the team -- since that position doesn't exist.

DJs as an in-game entertainment concept are still something the Kings are testing out.

There have been just three in the last few months.

The team's evaluating if DJs are even the right fit for the Sacramento crowd.

Those selected have been recruited by staff or approached by the team directly themselves.

Reels are welcome, so you may soon hear a familiar voice at a Kings game near you.

"Hot 103.5 ... what's your name?"

Kings sources say just go to and look for staff contact information.