Mother Speaks Out After Daughter Attacked by Teen with Bat at Lodi Dog Park

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A Lodi woman is fighting for her life after police investigators say a 17-year-old girl attacked her with a baseball bat. Investigators call it a random attack.

It happened at Beckman Park around 3 p.m. on Monday while the victim was walking her dog.

Jacqueline Pickett is still in critical condition at San Joaquin General Hospital. Her family says she was hit with a the bat at least three times.

Amber Gomes sings a song that she’s sung to her daughter for the past 24 hours at San Joaquin General Hospital in French Camp, hoping she wakes up.

“When I sang to her just a little bit ago, tears came out of her eyes so I know that she knows we’re here,” Gomes said.

Gomes told FOX40, her daughter went to Beckman Park to walk her dog in Lodi. When Pickett didn't show up to meet with her boyfriend, the family knew something was wrong so they filed a missing persons report. Hours after, Gomes got a call from police.

“...and I’m angry. I’m really angry ... and devastated that somebody could do this,” she said.

Detectives said a 17-year-old girl hit Pickett several times in the head with a baseball bat. Gomes said a passerby saw her daughter after and called for help.

“I want to see her beautiful spirit come back. I want to see the light in her life and her eyes," she said.

Gomes said her daughter is selfless, outgoing, kind and loves yoga. She’s spending nearly every minute by Jacqueline’s side.

“She’s slowly making some progress, she’s opened her eyes, and she’s wiggling her toes, and she’s squeezing my hand,” she said.

Now, all she can do is wait and hope that she'll get her daughter, her sunshine back.

“I believe that her strength, and her body, her mind, and her heart is bringing her ... and she’s gonna, she’s gonna wake up,” she said.

Investigators said the suspect and the victim don’t know each other. The motive is still being investigated.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help with Jacqueline's medical costs. You can donate here: