Suspect Fatally Shot After Attacking Security Guard With Tree Branch

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Gunfire erupted in the River District area of Sacramento early Saturday afternoon after a security guard was attacked on Bercut Drive.

Investigators say a Paladin security guard patrolling the area approached a trespassing man and that's when the situation escalated. The man armed himself with a large tree branch and attacked.

"As the suspect was attacking him with the branch the security guard fell backwards and lost his taser," said Officer Tracy Trapani with the Sacramento Police Department.

The guard fractured his wrist and suffered other injuries to his arms in the fight. In fear for his life, authorities said the guard fired multiple rounds at the man killing him.

While it may come as a surprise to some, the Sacramento Police Department said an armed security guard isn't out of the ordinary.

"It depends on what security company, they're all different,"

Neighbors didn't expect this scene right outside their doors and now some are rethinking how safe this area is.

"A few weeks ago I thought maybe sometime I'll take a walk down the street in the evening to see what's down there but now I don't think I'm going to do that," said James Knight.

The Sacramento Police Department said the District Attorney's Office will determine whether or not to press charges against the security guard, but for now the guard involved is labeled as the victim.

The security company declined to comment.