Sac Fire Department Gets New Equipment After Auditor Investigation

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Investigators in Sacramento's auditor's office have zeroed in on another arm of the city -- the fire department.

And as of Wednesday night, every engine and ambulance has a new disposable piece of equipment on board as a result. It's laryngoscope.

It's used to help create an airway or intubate someone who's unconscious and not breathing.

A whistleblower tip led to auditor findings showing that metal pieces which touch the inside of someone's throat weren't being properly disinfected in all cases according to department guidelines.

Firefighters say there was some confusion by auditors about what was supposed to happen with the old reusable equipment.

"They're inserted...then when they were done being used, we'd clean them off very well and put them back in our equipment. It's never been considered a sterile procedure in the pre-hospital setting for the Sacramento Fire Department or in any pre-hospital setting," said department spokesman Chris Harvey.

Harvey's department is in the auditor's crosshairs for another reason -- the major offender in the double-dipping cases FOX40 reported on earlier in the week.

Auditors won't disclose what service that paid city employee was also collecting a check for as a vendor to Sacramento.

Double-dipping is prohibited by city code and disciplinary action is being taken against that firefighter.

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