Stanislaus County K9 Recovering After Being Stabbed

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A Stanislaus County sheriff's K9 is recovering after the dog was stabbed four times by a violent suspect, according to deputies. The dog was wounded last Friday at the Quick Stop on Paradise Road around 3 a.m.

With a green and blue ball in his mouth, and his handler Deputy Wade Carr by his side, Rocky, the K9 is on the road to recovery.

"As of right now, everything seems like he still is on the right track to being back on patrol,” Stanislaus County Deputy Royjindar Singh said.

Singh said the 5-year-old dog was allegedly stabbed once in the head, twice in the neck and once in the back by 53-year-old Wesley Brackney. Those who know Brackney said this act of violence is out of character for the suspect.

"I see people cause problems out here all the time, and he ain't one of them,” Eugene Merkle told FOX40.

Singh said Brackney told deputies he wanted to provoke them that morning.

"He had told deputies that, you know, he was showing aggression and being aggressive towards deputies because he wanted deputies to shoot him," Singh said.

FOX40 obtained surveillance footage that was captured around 3 a.m. last Friday, minutes before the incident.

"Clerk at the store thought that this person might be thinking about robbing the store, so that already has deputies on edge," Singh said.

Deputy Juan Martinez arrived first, then minutes later Carr approached.

The mood shifted when Brackney reached into his back pocket, alarming the deputies.

"So as they’re talking with him, as the person made movements of placing his hands into his pockets, that is a red flag for us,” Singh said.

They held their guns out toward him, then Brackney walked out of the camera's view.

Carr ran over to his SUV, opened the door for Rocky, who ran and jumped on Deputy Martinez.

The dog is redirected to an area off camera. This is where the alleged attack happened.

“The suspect pulled out a concealed knife, began attacking the dog,” Singh said.

Rocky was hurt, but Singh said he held on long enough for his handler and Martinez to arrest Brackney.

“Rocky absolutely provides a very invaluable service. You know, our dogs are trained to protect the public, protect the handler," Singh said.

The wounds are healing and in weeks time, the department is hoping the K9 will be back at Deputy Carr’s side, back on the job.

“Make sure that Rocky still has the drive, the energy, the focus to be a police dog,” the deputy said.

He added that any attack on a law enforcement animal is a felony.

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