Power Knocked Out for More than 10,000 Customers in Natomas Area

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(Courtesy: SMUD)

(Courtesy: SMUD)


A power outage hit a large portion of Natomas Sunday evening, causing power outages for about 10,000 customers, according to a spokesman from SMUD.

Store fronts, street lights and homes fell eerily dark, as cell phones turned into guiding lights for many. Power remained out for some two hours, from 4:56 to 7:08 p.m.

"Pure darkness," said Ramon Gutierrez, as he and his coworkers continued to work through the dark at Roundtable Pizza, one of a handful of businesses whose doors didn't close for the night.

"It was like, I don't know, like, it was weird to see it all off and everything."

Cynthia Angulo works with her mother at Susie's Washtime, a Natomas laundromat where some customers had to leave mid-wash. She said they were losing a lot of business because of the outage.

SMUD  said the outage began after a driver hit an electrical pole on San Juan Road near Zenobia Street and took out a guy-wire. Crews repaired the circuit, but it opened again. Most customers, SMUD said, lost power a second time.

Sacramento Police said Sunday's crash was not drug or alcohol related.