Father ‘Humiliated,’ ‘Scared’ After Post on El Dorado County Sheriff’s Facebook Page

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Facebook -- it's a newer tool for law enforcement.

Last Thursday in Cameron Park, someone told investigators they possibly witnessed an attempted kidnapping.

"Obviously, our first concern is for any victims in our county," El Dorado County Sheriff's Lt. Jim Byers said.

A day later, the sheriff's department posted a picture of the possible suspect's pickup and license plate to their Facebook page.

"To try to identify the female victim in this case," Byers said.

The post was shared thousands of times, all over social media.

And eventually reached Ryan Gatica, the owner of the truck who says he was just picking up his daughter after school. She usually walks home, but he wanted to get her out of the rain.

The incident sparked a flurry of responses on the sheriff's Facebook page. Some threatening to take matters in their own hands, even shooting up his pickup.

We spoke to Gatica, who sent us a statement. He says the ordeal was frightening.

" I really just want to be able to go back to being a normal citizen and father. This has been hard enough on me and my family. It has been humiliating and scary. We are ready to move forward from this as a family. Thank you."

The El Dorado County Sheriff's Office says the reason they posted the picture, was because they thought it was an urgent matter, adding that the response from some citizens was unfortunate.

"We strongly discourage anybody taking any personal  action on their own, or even making those threats, which in themselves could be a crime," Byers said.

But they won't back down from the decision they made to put the information out there right away.

They told FOX40 after the Jaycee Lee Dugard kidnapping in El Dorado County, they don't take any chances.

"We had one of the highest profile kidnapping cases in this country's history in our backyard, and we take incidents like this very, very seriously. And we do not want a repeat of that again," Byers added.

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