Family of Man Killed in Physical Altercation with Stockton Police Speak Out

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"He just needed help, he didn't want to hurt nobody," the suspect's sister said.

Family says 26-year-old Filberto Valencia suffered from schizophrenia.

After being released from the San Joaquin County Mental Health Center Monday he returned home without medication.

Tuesday evening, Valencia was having a paranoia episode when the family got a knock on the door from an insurance salesman.

"My dad got up to open the door, and he said, 'Dad don't open the door because they're trying to kill me.' And my dad said, 'It's no one. Nobody wants to do anything to you,'" his sister said.

His father says they called 911 for help, but after telling the dispatcher he was unarmed, he was told police were tied up. Moments later, Valencia headed out the back door.

Neighbors say he then attempted to break into homes, getting around above ground.

"The guy was jumping roof to roof, backyard to backyard," one witness said.

Eventually, he was allegedly able to enter a group home where police say they found him with his arm around the neck of a 10-year-old girl in a locked bathroom -- her face battered.

Officers pulled the girl to safety, but officers say Valencia resisted arrest multiple times. They then used a baton and taser on him, shortly after he was handcuffed, officers noticed Valencia was unresponsive.

"If they would have got here on time, then he would have been alive," his family said.

Stockton police said their response to the attempted break-ins and actual home invasion were immediate, however, they didn't comment on the lack of response when the family called 911.

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