Sacramento City Council Approves New Airbnb Regulations

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Notice to neighbors and required permit applications – those are some of the changes coming to the Airbnb or home-sharing community, thanks to a vote by Sacramento City Council members.

Right now there are only about 200 hosts opening their homes to guests in Sacramento, but the city wanted to get ahead of what council members believe will be a growing trend.

The new regulations will require hosts to have no more than six guests a night for up to 184 nights a year.

Those hosts will also have to pay a business operations tax and a transient occupancy tax to participate in this blossoming part of the sharing economy.

There are lots of concerns about the hosting and about the changes.

“Letting your neighbors know feels a little ‘Big Brother’ to me. We have a tiny little room, pretty small number of people coming and going, no problems. So, please think about that as you make your decisions,” said Carrie Lewis.

She’s a single mom who hosts Airbnb guests to help make her rent payments.

“There’s no requirement that there be even two bedrooms. And so this may be an excessive number of people (six) that could have a large impact on the neighbor,” said Kate Riley, who’s concerned about home-sharing situations getting out of control.

Council members plan to revisit their regulations in one year to make sure they haven’t overburdened hosts or left neighborhoods open to bad behavior by visitors.

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