Stockton Woman Says Package Thief Caught on Camera Looks Like Neighbor

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A Stockton woman was surprised with the results of her home surveillance video when she saw that a suspected package thief looked a whole lot like her next door neighbor.

"For the most part, I think we're pretty secure, we have the chains and security cameras to prevent things like this from happening," Jessie Massey said.

But this past week, someone walked right in front of the signs warning that her home is under surveillance, used a tree branch to swat the delivery closer to the locked fence and took a package of razors off the property.

"And then you see her in the same jacket walking alongside my house," Massey said.

The suspected package thief is captured on three camera angles, walking right into the apartment building next door.

"Yes, I can pretty much say I recognize the person. But I hate to point fingers, I hate to name names," Massey said.

Massey told FOX40 the thought of her own neighbor stealing her mail only bothered her because she gives food and spices to the same neighbor on a regular basis. She said the same woman came over after the package theft and asked for spices again.

"And she's always like, 'oh, you're such a good neighbor. Thank you so much.' And then to see this, it's just that gut-wrenching, knife-stabbing feeling," Massey said.

"It's a messed up area right here, a lot of things go on," one of Massey's neighbors, Robert Lopez, said.

Lopez told FOX40 that neighbors on Poplar Street usually watch each other's backs, although sometimes for the wrong reasons.

"If I was there, I probably would had said something. But I didn't see it happen," Lopez said.

Massey said she knew when she moved into the neighborhood that it would be both bad and good. And even though the theft makes her want to stop helping people, she's choosing not to become that person.

"If you have that one neighbor that will do this, there's probably 10 more neighbors out there that are not going to do that to you, and you just have to find them," Massey said.

Massey filed a police report for the package theft.

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