Teen Recovering After Being Hit by Police Pursuit Suspect

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It's routine for Billy Cooley to have his grandkids after school each day.

But Tuesday night, was the worst he could ever imagine and unable to prevent -- seeing his 13-year-old grandson, Daniel Comer, struck by a speeding suspect.

"They was chasing him. They was chasing him down this residential area," Cooley said.

CHP tried to stop 32-year-old suspect Jermain Williams, who they ended up chasing after and later arrested for felony DUI. Other charges are pending.

Cooley said the suspect was going at least 85 mph, when he crashed in his front yard.

"The guy jumped out of the car, the car was parked right here. It hit there and landed on the side of my truck, knocked the dent in on my truck a little bit there, then hit the brick wall there, and that final stop," Cooley recalled.

He says Williams jumped out to run, but two neighbors were able to stop him.

His grandson had just stepped out of his mother's vehicle, parked at the curb, when he got hit.

"Hit him right here and he knocked him 40 feet, landed where you see all that blood right there. He landed right there. And when I recognized him, both of his feet were turned in opposite directions.  He broke two femur bones, he broke two leg bones, he punctured his bladder, he punctured his main artery, he nearly bled to death," he said.

The teen remains at the hospital in ICU, in and out of consciousness.

"When his brother talked to him, he reacted," he said.

"He's getting better. He's stable. He's had a few surgeries. He has a couple more to go, but he's getting better and that's all that matters," Comer's brother, Dante said.

"We just hold him up in prayer, we ask everybody out there to hold my grandson up in prayer at this moment, OK?" Cooley added.

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