Winter Rains Causing Pothole Problems

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El Nino rains, while desperately needed, are leading to a costly problem: Drivers running over potholes, causing tires to burst.

Potholes form when water seeps through cracks in pavement, weakening the soil underneath.

City, county and Caltrans crews have been patching them, but long-term fixes are best done when the road surface is dry. Drivers are advised to take it slow through puddles because a pothole could be hidden underneath, which could do some serious damage.

FOX40 visited Sierra Tire and Wheel in Sacramento where technicians have been busy serving customers whose cars sustained pothole damage.

"Usually they have to get a new tire," said tire technician Gerardo Adame. "That's why they really have to watch out for the potholes."

In some communities, including the city of Sacramento, citizens can report potholes to the Public Works Department online or simply by calling 311.

To report potholes on highways and interstates maintained by Caltrans, an online form is available here:

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