Del Oro High School Student Remembered as ‘Passionate,’ ‘Funny’ at Vigil

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On a rainy Saturday night, a horrific crash would forever change the lives of two teenagers. One would walk away from the accident, the other would not.

Anthony "Texas" Watson was a passenger in the vehicle that his friend, 18-year-old Ronny Andrews, was driving. Watson vividly recalls the night.

"As soon as I had gotten out of the car, I said to myself, 'his death isn't going to be for nothing, I'll make something of it,'" Watson said.

Watson was the passenger, and now, he's the lone survivor. He's made it his mission to honor his friend's life.

Under the veil of night, family and friends gathered to remember the life of a teenager cut short.

An athlete and a student, one of Andrews' favorite places was on the football field with his teammates. In fact, they had just claimed the state title.

Now, the football field holds more than just green grass and goal posts. On the field, memories of a beloved athlete came alive.

For Watson, the healing has just begun.

"I gotta be strong ,there's a time for grieving, there's a time for laughter, there's a time for everything," said Watson. "Right now, that time is grieving, so I'm going to grieve."

Also searching for solace, student and athlete Evan Michelet. He was in a vehicle following Andrews' the night of the accident.

"I was in the other car and watching it. It's something I can't really put into words," said Michelet.

He recalls a moment that he says sent chills up his spine.

"Running up to the car, I didn't know what to expect, but when I saw Anthony hop out, he's blessed," said Michelet. "Just simply blessed."

Watson and Michelet have made it their mission to make sure Andrews' life wasn't taken in vain.

His friends remember him fondly.

"Loving, passionate, he's the most sensitive boy I ever met, pure, gentle," just a few words used to describe the teenager.

Friends, family, peers -- lives that were all touched by a gentle giant.

"He had the best smile, he was always the sweetest guy, and he was just so funny and so loving, and I'm just glad I had the chance to meet someone like him," said one friend.

The vigil was a chance for closure and for tears. It was also a time for grief. For Watson, that grief is as raw as the day of the accident.

"Rest easy buddy," said Watson.

It was one last chance for a grieving mother to find some peace. She bravely stepped to the podium during the vigil offering words of thanks and a final message:

"Adios," said Fatima Galindo. "Let him go please, and then he will be happy."

Funeral arrangements have been made for Saturday at 1 p.m. located at the Destiny Christian Church in Rocklin. It is open to the public.