Man Accused of Driving Drunk, Hitting Teen in Antelope Appears in Court

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"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. "

Those were the words of Jermain Williams. The 23-year-old appeared before a Sacramento County judge and wept through most of his arraignment.

Williams is accused of running over 13-year-old Daniel Comer outside of the teen's grandparents' Antelope home, while fleeing from the CHP Tuesday night.

The suspect looked back at the teen's family during the hearing.

"Any reaction to his 'I'm sorry,' he yelled out?" FOX40 asked Daniel's mother, Kim Cooley.

"Yeah, at this point, I'm speechless, but I'm so grateful for the DA asking to increase bail," she said.

"The defendant has two prior DUIs that I know of," Deputy District Attorney Kimberly Macy told the judge.

The DA's office pointed out Williams' criminal history, which includes driving without a license, evading police, stealing a vehicle and failure to appear in court.

"I believe, based on the prior DUIs and failure to appear ... the defendant is both a flight risk and a danger to society, and I would ask the court to set back at $500,000," Macy said.

The judge agreed and increased bail.

"Did you have to be here to see this guy today?" FOX40 asked Cooley outside the courtroom.

" I did. I needed to do this, because I need him to see my face," she said.

Williams suffered injuries, which put him in a wheelchair. But it doesn't compare to the damage and the heartbreak he's accused of causing Comer and his family,

"I just learned, just in there, that they said about permanent paralysis. I'm not feeling so good. I feel sick," she said.

Daniel's mother said her son has already had several surgeries to repair broken legs and a shattered pelvis, a punctured bladder and broken facial bones.

During Thursday's arraignment, Comer was in the operating room.

"I'm just so grateful he's alive ... and it's a miracle," Cooley said.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for Daniel's family.